Sunday, October 2, 2011


My stitching for Ruby. This is an Angel themed RR with 6 inch blocks. It's shimmerier than it looks. Angel has wings made of couched gold cord, dress of metallic french knots, halo of gold sulky and hair of bullions. Big star was stiched with coppery colored metallic thread on felt then stitched to block. JOY was satin stitched directly on to block with one strand linen thread and one strand gold metallic thread. Stem stitch is of perle 8 and has shimmery white beads where "leaves" meet. And finally there are some silk ribbon flowers with gold bead centers. Ruby says she is going to make a Christmas stocking with some of her blocks. Somehow this will be the toe.

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Ellen said...

I saw your comment on Bonnie Hunter's blog. Your comment was so funny it made me laugh - and took me by surprise! I have looked around your blog and see that you have many wonderful (and fun) projects!