Saturday, November 27, 2010


My sister, the youngest of 5, at age 51, is still trying to find herself.  She has never forgiven our parents for being alcoholics. She has never forgiven mom for leaving us. She has tried several different religions. She has tried several different forms of therapy. She has tried several different marriages. She has tried several different hiking/bicycling/mountain climbing trips to several different countries. I really can't understand her since I've never lost myself and had to find myself again but I do try to put myself in her shoes but I just can't get that nutty.

A few months ago she told me she quit working on her doctorate in psychology and was instead going to study to be a shaman. She was going to climb some sacred mountain in Peru as part of her training. And she told me she had a CAT as a spirit guide- "two of them actually". Yes, a CAT now gives her spiritual guidance. I'm not a cat person. We have lots of barn cats we feed and they always seem to stare at me when I pass by. They actually give me the creeps. They follow me when I'm gardening and poop where I dig. So, I'm not really understanding how to get advice from a cat. They just don't speak to me (nor I to them.)

At any rate...I made my sis a CQ cat for Christmas. She can have the spirit of me with her now.  The tag, which I haven't made yet, will say "Although I can't support your belief in a cat as a spirit guide, this is to remind you I will always support you. Love, Cat" (Cat is what my DH calls me...short for Cathy which is short for Catherine.)

I won't bother to tell her that about 30+ years ago I woke up in the night (probably because I talk in my sleep and wake myself with the chatter) and thought I saw a ghost cat at the end of my bed that looked a little like a white Cheshire Cat. It smiled and spoke not a word. And I haven't spoken of it...until now.

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Unknown said...

Even though you don't understand her, it is wonderful you are willing to give of yourself and support your sister.
Maybe your ghost cat from those years ago... a part of your heart and love... that is watching and speaking with your sister trying to help her on her path?
However it is... that is a very beautiful and special gift you made for her.