Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fairies, Lace, Pansies

Pansy block for Alice. Buttonhole flowers were new to me. I need to work on them a little more. I think my centers are too big.
My work on Alice's joint block. I tried a felted pansy. This one didn't turn out too bad. The first one I made looked like some bugs nibbled at it.

The entire joint block after me and Arlene stitched on it.
My work on Janet's Canterbury Flower Fairy block. New to me was the raised cup stitch Canterbury bells I embroidered around the silkie.

Part of my work on Candji's Lucious Lace block. I made garden rows of lace and flowers.
Another section I embroidered of Candji's block.
And final section I embroidered. This was my attempt at a lace b'fly. I guess it turned out okay.
And this is what Candji's whole block looks like now that I am finished with it and ready to send it on to next person.

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jenna parson said...

Hi Cathy
I am not usually a great fan of CQ's but I think you do very nice work at it. I do think I like the lighter colors better than the dark ones that are often in books. Anyway, your blocks, and the ones others have done for you, are very pretty. Jenna