Saturday, June 12, 2010

Will It Be a Bed Runner? UFO? Wallhanging?

I've got blocks from two different RRs pinned together and hung outside on the clothesline. In the middle is my Hearts IV RR block that Carolyn, Nicki Lee, Candji and Juli worked on. I couldn't have asked for anything more- it contains such beautiful work. Around the outside are 6.5 inch blocks. Five of them have been beautifully embellished in a Encrusted CQ RR by Rita, Ritva, Gerry, Wendy and Lisa. I originally thought I would make two blocks like the above and then sew them together for a bedrunner but since not all the blocks have been embellished yet and the thing weighs about 25 lbs (well, it seem like it), a 50 lb bedrunner may be too much for me to lift to put on the bottom of the bed. Maybe it will be a wallhanging instead. I know I want to use it somehow with my favorite Valentine (Hanky) Quilt.

P.S. - I tried to make a couple of blocks look more vintage (like an old scrapbook page) by tea dying them. So, those are the brownish looking ones I may have to redo. Instead of looking vintage it looks like I dropped them in the mud.

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